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by Lindsay on Brightside Skincare
Best Eye Cream

The olive oil eye cream is amazing. I bought it to give my lids and under eyes more moisture, and I realized it is amaZing at removing left over eye make up after I wash my face. Easy to use and a little goes a long way!

wonderful skincare products

I have very sensitive skin and in the past I have tried a lot of other skincare products, but they all made my skin break out or made it very irritated and uncomfortable. The Brightside skincare products has cleared my complexion up and has made it soft and comfortable. Thank you so much for these skincare products!

by Mary Wunsch on Brightside Skincare
Wonderful product!

I have been trying to use more organic products as I get older. I started to use Brightside skin care products three weeks ago. What I have seen is that my skin is smoother, brighter and feels soft and clean. I have spent hundreds of dollars on department store products over the years. Brightside has not only shown me better results, but it is less expensive! Thank you!

by Sarah L. on Brightside Skincare
Brightside's Foaming Cleanser is the very best!

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the best cleanser I’ve ever used. I have dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin, so finding products that will meet all my needs can be a huge pain. I feel like with every other cleanser, I either have to pick one that will remove my makeup but leave my skin feeling stripped and sad, or one that will leave my skin feeling less stripped but also not remove all my makeup and get my skin truly clean. This one does it all! It easily removes all my makeup and leaves my skin super clean, but is not at all drying. My skin actually feels hydrated and happy after washing! Kerri, the owner, is from Madison, so you’re also supporting a local business!

Thank you SO much Sarah!

by Heather P. on Brightside Skincare

I was looking for a soap that had a fragrance that lasted long and also made my skin feel good. I picked up a bar of the Lilac soap in a little store in Wisconsin. I just love it! The smell makes me think of spring and the fragrance last. Also feels great on my skin. Also are there any stores in Illnois which carry it? Thank you

by Brittany on Brightside Skincare

I have to say last night my nose area was INCREDIBLY dry and decided that I needed take time to properly cleanse my face. I used my set of products and seriously, the redness was reduced (I have been battling with it since the weather changed) and the area is less dry. Amazing!

by Victoria L. on Brightside Skincare

I've been using the foaming cleanser and the facial serum for three weeks now -- it's done wonders for my sensitive skin! Even though I put my skin through a lot through the workweek and on weekends, Brightside Skincare helps me maintain my glow 🙂

by Justin on Brightside Skincare

I was hesitant to try Brightside since my skin is sensitive to new products, often times drying out my skin or leaving it red and irritated. I have been using the toner and foaming cleanser for about 3 months now and won't go back to anything else. I immediately loved that it didn't burn my skin or dry it out afterwards; an effect of not having alcohol in the formula. After about 2–3 weeks of use I could see a noticeable difference in how my skin felt and looked. I had a lot of small bumps on my forehead and they have drastically reduced. My skin also appears brighter than before. The toner also seems to help razor irritation.After experiencing the toner results, I gave the Foaming Cleanser a try. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling truly clean and not dried out like a majority of products I have used. Although I was somewhat startled by the black cleanser appearance, I quickly realized the cleanser is on par with the toner in making my skin smooth and providing a more even complexion. My only complaint with the foaming cleanser is the pump on the top. Only a very small amount comes out with each pump. I am not sure if it's a faulty pump or it is simply designed that way. That being said, it's very minor and won't stop me from future purchases.Brightside Skin Care has provided a great line of products that actually work, and as I wrote earlier, I won't go back to using anything else. Thank you!

by Kate E. - Sussex, WI on Brightside Skincare

I love your skin care line! I have been using all of the normal to dry skin products in the 5 piece set for over a year now. Recently I had an anti aging facial at an upscale spa salon and the consultant commented on how good my skin looked. I am able to get about 4 to 5 months use from all the products except for the face serum.I read the article about you starting your own skin care line last year in the Lake Country Reporter. Your story spoke to me immediately! I, too was overly frustrated with all the "new and different" cleansing, anti-aging products on the market. I was always trying the latest and greatest new products and never stuck with anything very long until I tried Brightside Skin Care. I think it is great and still affordable!

by Lori C. Madison, WI on Brightside Skincare

I have very sensitive skin, so I'm often afraid to try new products. I am very glad I gave this a try as it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, just the way I like it. Your facial serum is wonderful. It goes on like silk, and a little goes a long way. I also love that I can smell the Rooibos. Even my husband commented on the pleasant scent. Thanks for developing a line of safe and effective products. Kudos to you!

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