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Bevs Lim Lee, NY Makeup Examiner

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It’s the New Year, so whether you’re looking to change an old skincare routine or try a new skincare product or regimen, now is the time to get rid rid of old skin and strive for younger looking skin. Antiaging skincare and SPF should be used for travels and for all year round protection. It’s important to protect skin from the damaging sun not only during the summer, but also during holiday and winter travels, while driving and during the day time because UVA exists all year long. UVA is around during all daylight, and reflects through windows. It may not burn the skin, but it can be absorbed much deeper into the skin’s dermal layers which causes aging and pigmentation. Below are some must have antiaging and SPF products that meets everyone’s unique skincare needs.

Brightside Skincare™ is free of carcinogens, fragrance, gluten, lanolin, parabens, phthalates and sulfates, so it’s very good for the whole family, especially children. What’s special about Brightside Skincare™, is that it’s also antiaging and compliments all skin types, such as acne prone, combination skin, and normal to dry skin. A four piece set includes:

  • Foaming Cleanser is very effective in cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing the skin — yet it also calms, soothes, tones and nourishes the skin.
  • Gentle Toner helps firm and tone the skin, while closes pores after cleansing.
  • Facial Serum is wonderful for dry and aging skin, as it works to firm, tone, soothe and moisturize the skin. It can be used alone on warmer weather or used in addition to a moisturizer on colder weather.
  • Rooibos and Olive Eye Cream is delicate and gentle, hydrates the sensitive skin around the eyes and helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Clear skin ahead

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Ever try a product that says it will get rid of acne and it doesn’t? I have many times and it was very frustrating! I have been to the dermatologist, taken pills, bought skin treatments for acne prone skin and still had acne but worse yet, I had red, inflamed and uncomfortable irritated skin! Oh sure, my skin cleared up at first then it just got worse. I thought since it cleared up in the beginning that I needed to just stay on it because maybe my skin would get even worse if I didn’t use it. Then everything changed for me.

I started researching foods. I know that sounds crazy but it actually worked! I started using a skincare product line that I created that was mild (Brightside Skincare™) so my skin looked healthy and not irritated and I started eating skin healthy foods. Today my skin looks great!

Here are the foods that I found to be most beneficial to the skin:

TEA – drink it or use it in skin care products, either way it is good. Rooibos tea is the best all around beneficial tea for skin.

ORANGE FOODS – cantaloupe, squash, carrots, if it’s orange chances are it loaded with vitamins and nutrients that will benefit your skin. This does not mean Doritos, it means fruits and veggies.

COCONUT – cream, milk, flake, oil, water – all coconut is fantastic for your skin! You can even eat coconut oil and cream plain. It is actually quite satisfying.

AVOCODOS & OLIVE OIL– the are a healthy fats that helps your skin retain moisture

MORE FRUITS & VEGGIES! – they are all so full of nutrients that your skin needs.

DON’T OVERDO the SUGAR! – a little is OK on occasion but stay away from waxy chocolates like M&M’s and Hershey bars. If you like chocolate too much like me, eat small amounts and only dark chocolate. It has less sugar.




VERY LITTLE DAIRY. Try switching to non-dairy options like Almond, Soy or Coconut milk. Coconut milk is the best for your skin.

LIGHTEN UP ON THE MEAT. Eat as much fish (not fried though) as you want but things like beef and bacon are not great options.

Try this for about a month and you will be surprised at how great your skin looks!




Why skincare companies rarely use before and after photos.




If an “after” photo looks more like the person had botox or plastic surgery, be wary. Many multi level marketing companies rely heavily on using before and after photos to drive sales. Topical skincare products cannot and I stress CANNOT produce results that compare to botox or plastic surgery. Topical solutions cannot penetrate that many layers of the dermis to be able to do that.

So why do you see so many of these types of photos out there with headlines that read “real results” or “instantly 10 years younger” etc.? It sells! Multi level marketing companies can get away with doing this because photos are sent in by customers who conveniently are also selling the products. The company itself is not putting out the fraudulent photos. Fraudulent photos? Yes, when you see these photos online, go ahead and download the photo, then blow them up. If you are only average at spotting photo shopped photos, you are in luck because most of them are photo shopped very poorly. I wonder if results are real or typical, why do they need to Photoshop their own photos of themselves?

You can also see many photos taken in different lighting. When lit from above, you get darker circles under your eyes. Take a photo of yourself in the morning and then do it again that same evening. Wow! You have an excellent before and after photo! Most people look a lot older in the evening. Now try taking a photo of yourself with no makeup on and take another one with just concealer on. Wow again, right?

So you fell prey to these photos and bought the products anyway like many people do. You see a photo and want to look amazing yourself. You are not alone. When you start using the products do you see the same results as the photos? Well, here is where it gets a bit tricky. We see what we want to see. We spend a lot of money for something and NEED to see real results, right? So we start seeing results that may not be really there.

Think about it. Don’t get sucked into paying a lot of money for very expensive products that truly do not deliver better results than those that are reasonably priced. Skincare is a largely profitable market and chances are the eye cream you spend $25 on is the same eye cream you can spend $100 or more on. The more expensive one is most likely just packaged in a fancier bottle or offers sales reps fancy vacations for selling their products.

I have included some photos for you that I have pulled from various places that have been used as ads. I took the liberty to blow them up for you so you can see the “amazing” results up close. Can you spot the lighting differnce or photoshopping?

Some of them had company names on them that is why there is a black out on two of them. It is not my intention to talk about specific brands. These were all pulled from public sights.