It’s time to look on the bright side.

Kerri_Johanning_BioI have struggled with my skin ever since I was a teenager. On my 46th birthday I looked in the mirror and saw that same teenage acne, plus crows’ feet, and sagging signs of age. It’s not like I wasn’t trying – I had more skincare product in my bathroom than I had room on the shelves but none of those products were helping my skin. They either stripped my skin of its natural oil, causing it to overproduce and give me even more acne, or they did nothing at all. I went on a search for a miracle skincare line, but finally realized that it didn’t exist. I had all but given up when I realized the only real solution was to create my own.

When I looked into the ingredients in my old skincare, I discovered that many of them were on the known carcinogen list. Those ingredients did not help my skin and to make matters worse, they put me in danger! Since I had recently lost two dear friends to cancer I knew these synthesized ingredients were not an option. My skincare products would have to be effective using only safe and natural ingredients.

I started working with a lab that doesn’t test on animals, is FDA approved,
USDA Organic Certified, and is in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). After much self-testing, friend-testing, and even husband-testing, my skincare line became a reality. And the mission to create the perfect combination of ingredients to get rid of my acne, improve my skin texture, and keep me looking youthful and was also carcinogen-free was accomplished. I didn’t stop there though, I knew there were plenty of people out there that didn’t have acne but wanted a natural skincare product also so those products were also created!

Why the name Brightside? That was the easy part. Now that I’m feeling healthy and happy about my skin – I’m always looking on the bright side! The flower? That was also easy. Flowers are beautiful, natural, and fresh just like Brightside.

Now I know our best years are ahead of us!

Kerri Johanning
Brightside Skincare™
Natural fragrance free skincare products
Good for your skin. Good for you.